EuroJackpot lottery

The European Eurojackpot Lottery is a new combination lottery being launched in Europe on Friday 23. March 2012. Similarly laid out as the renowned EuroMillions lottery, Eurojackpot will feature a number of countries on the continent, pooling funds and thereby contributing to building jackpot funds that people will take notice of.

Eurojackpots foundations were laid in November 2011, during a meeting between various lottery officials hosted and held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. At this time it seems a total of seven European nations will partake in the official Eurojackpot launch.

They are: Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Slovenia and Finland.

Not only that, but a number of other countries have declared interest in joining at a later date. Some say Norway has confirmed to be offering Eurojackpot play nationally from autumn and there are also claims that both Sweden and Iceland are thinking along similar lines.

Eurojackpot draws will take place once a week, on Friday evening. The drawings will be hosted in Helsinki, Finland. The starting jackpot up for grabs will be guaranteed as 10 million euros, but if not won it will roll over to the next draw. A cap has been placed on the Eurojackpot prize, it will become active at 90 million euros.

To play EuroJackpot you select 5 lottery numbers from a total of 50 and then add 2 of the 8 bonus numbers on offer – this constitutes a single Eurojackpot entry or line. Match all 7 numbers to win a Eurojackpot jackpot.

At this point there are many questionmarks floating about, but in the remaining two weeks until the first draw these will surely be answered. Some are wondering whether there will be Eurojackpot Superdraws and our advice is for players to check back with us, as we will update our Euro Jackpot data as more information becomes available.

Until then we wish all players of Eurojackpot good luck and hope this new lottery game will bring joy and good fortune to many of our players.

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